Thursday, December 26, 2013

How to be a great success in business in 2014!

I created this blog to share information during the year of 2014 on how you can become and create amazing success for yourself and your business, project or venture. There are three keys that I strongly feel will ensure your success in 2014 and beyond.

1. Self-fund your ideas, business, project or venture and avoid borrowing money unless absolutely necessary!

Your ideas are best implemented in 2014 and beyond using your own money and this includes any financial resources you have in the form of credit or personal savings. In order to maintain being an "Entrepreneur" you need to self-fund your ideas because the moment you take money from others in the form of investments or loans you become an employee. Use surplus income and/or personal credit to fund your ideas, business, project or venture and you will be glad you did.

2. Create multiple revenue streams that provide you with a surplus!

The name of the game in any business, project or venture is to generate profitability. When you create revenue streams that provide you with a surplus (i.e. there is money left over after expenses, payroll and taxes) you are able to become your own bank. This allows you to self-fund all internal and external initiatives for growth and drastically increases your potential while limiting your risk. As you see #2 supports #1 in my list so far.

3. Make it your mission to empower your business through partnerships that you design to benefit you and your business long-term!

From senior staff, your employees and suppliers to cooperatives and strategic alliances it should be your mission to "empower" those you associate with, employ and/or work with for mutual benefit by making them a "Partner" in the success of your business, project or venture. You should develop initiatives to reward those you work with on all levels because this will do three things in and of itself; 1. it will cause those people to sing your praises and speak volumes towards who you are and what you represent, 2. it will cause others to take notice and seek to form alliances, associations and/or working relationships with you because people are attracted to success and 3. by rewarding those you work with (usually money is the primary reward here) you are creating loyalty and a stronger dedication to your collective success.


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